About Us

About our Agency

With Dizengoff as your P&I representative in Israel you’re in the best of hands. Why? Because as Israel’s most reputable P&I representative—with over 94 years of experience—we care deeply about our reputation and therefore will go the extra mile for you.

We don’t merely handle a claim, but take proactive steps immediately upon the occurrence of the event, sending out our lawyers and claims handlers to view conditions firsthand and verify surveyors’ reports. Throughout, we strive energetically to achieve our common goal—arriving at a successful settlement at the least possible cost.

We’ve got you covered.

We care as much about your bottom line as you do.


Dedicated staff

Our dedicated staff of marine professionals, five claims handlers (three of them certified lawyers) and three administrators, are at your service to swiftly resolve claims in the most successful manner possible. Each of our claims handlers is adept in all legal matters and will leave no stone unturned in arriving at a settlement that is most favorable to you. And in the event the case does go to court, our adept and experienced staff will represent you with the utmost expertise.


proactive approach

In keeping with our proactive approach, we instantly send our experts out into the field to visit vessels, ports and warehouses—continually checking and scrutinizing reports from surveyors and other professionals in order to react in real-time. This method has proven itself over the years and boasts a track record of approximately 90% of the Court cases are successfully settled out of court. Moreover, all legal aspects are handled by our in-house lawyers, thus saving litigation costs due to hiring external law firms.


Best result

In seeking the best possible result for you, we remain cost effective. In other words all efforts and resources devoted to resolving the case must be justified by bottom line results.

We've got you covered. We care as much about your bottom line as you do.